The Sulin
Surnamers Club

Colonel Andrej Sulin Coat of Arms

The Sulin Surnamers Club



The Club appearance came as a result of studying of different Sulin families genealogy. In process of searching many surnamers were revealled who did not belong to any of the investigated families.

    Aims of the Club:
  • association of people bearing the Sulin last name or generated from Sulin families
  • exchange of information about Sulin families
  • collective studying of history of the Sulin surname
  • keeping family traditions
  • consolidation of family relationships

The membership in the Club is free.

Persons interested to enter the Club should fill Questionnaire, which automatically will be sent to e-mail address of the Club.

Biographical data are confidential, only surname, given name, patronymic name and region of residence are published on Club Members page if a Member allows.


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